Sunday, December 27, 2020

Reluctant Bride

 Looking back through my previous blog entries I realized I had never photographed mini Claire in her wedding dress to post on the blog. Scintillatingdollies on Etsy made this beautiful gown for the FID sized dolls. When I saw it in 2018, I just couldn't resist it. The embroidery is beautiful on the bodice.

And on the skirt as well, and the material of the skirt is a really nice choice as well, and as close as can probably be expected to find in dolly scale.

A shot of the dress Claire wore in the show for comparison, modeled by the beautiful Catriona Balfe.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my 17" version.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

More Fall Knits

 I've wanted to take these two outside for a photo shoot together for a while now, as I wanted to put both of them in their shawls by Beachgirlnikita on Etsy. Finally got around to lugging them out today. Luckily, with period wear, I can still use their stands outside.

Both of their skirts and Claire's vest are by Robyn of Period Threads. Geillis' top is from Iple. I found the cute little baskets at Hobby Lobby.

I knitted Geillis' arm warmers and Claire's are by Sherry Isenbarger.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sunny Afternoon

 I changed Bree to another one of her new skirts and took her out for some photos. I thought the bushes out front were a little more shaded than they actually were, but we weren't out long. Just makes getting the shots a little more difficult, although I do like the dappled light affect here.

It was a bit windy too, but I guess that is to be expected as it is fall.............

I need to get motivated and knit some more things for the smaller dolls. I do like how this scarf/shawl I knitted last year works with this skirt though.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mother & Son

 Still playing with Marsali, trying on different things in the wardrobe to see what might fit her. I put one of the nYID outfits I have on her, and while not a perfect fit, it will work in a pinch. I also decided to get my little blonde Dollshe Robin out and put him in some shots with her to see how he might work as Germain.

I like him in this role a I just have to find some blue eyes for him I guess. I guess I may have to shell grown up Fergus too! I may see how my SartoriaJ Jude works in the role.............what a slippery slope! 

And one last shot of Marsali. I had forgotten I had this "cap", as I've never used it before as Claire refuses to wear one. It suits Marsali though.

Saturday, October 3, 2020


 I was looking at the grouping of my Outlander dolls in my doll room this morning and had the thought that my Mature Narae (who is my oldest BJD, but she never gets any attention anymore) might fit in well as Marsali in the Outlander world. I love my Narae, and have no intentions of selling her, and it would be fun to put her in a role where she might actually get more attention. Forgive her shirt, she needs a proper shift, but this morning was a testing of trying to figure out if I thought she would fit in, so I just pulled together some clothing I had that was workable.

 I pulled down Rachel and Claire from the doll room to do a group shot of the women of Fraser's Ridge to see what I thought.  I really think she works well in the role.  She's tiny next to Rachel and Claire, but I've always seen Marsali as tiny anyway, and Marsali in the TV show is tiny as well, so her size works for me.  Now that I have decided that she does work rather well in this role I'll have to work on getting her some clothing pieces of her own. The waist cincher and skirt made for my nYID doll does fit her rather well though. I'm excited to have another way to play with an old favorite.

Putting these three together for a photo makes me want to get Brianna in SID size to go with them! They do make rather a striking group I think.

Portrait shots of Rachel and Claire as well, since I had them out.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

More Knits

 Fall is the time for knits, so Geillis is modeling our newest "knit" from Beachgirlnikita on Etsy. I knitted the arm warmers when I was first learning.........I need to do some newer ones that are a little less bulky. Skirt is from Period Threads and top is Iple.

As much as I like the newer Iple hands, I still love the old ones as well. They are good for holding things like this basket.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Time for Knits

 There was a chill to the air this morning and it felt like fall, so time to break out some of the knits. I thought this one matched well with Bree's outfit, so she got to be my model. I need to make her some arm warmers in a pumpkin or blue shade.

Also wanted to take the chance to play with the new camera some more and try and figure out some of the manual features. There's a learning curve, but I'm getting there.

The macro shots are a bit better than the ones I took yesterday anyway.

I just love how Bree's face up turned out. I have been tempted to get a larger version of her, but then think why should I do that when I love this version so much.