Saturday, September 19, 2020

Time for Knits

 There was a chill to the air this morning and it felt like fall, so time to break out some of the knits. I thought this one matched well with Bree's outfit, so she got to be my model. I need to make her some arm warmers in a pumpkin or blue shade.

Also wanted to take the chance to play with the new camera some more and try and figure out some of the manual features. There's a learning curve, but I'm getting there.

The macro shots are a bit better than the ones I took yesterday anyway.

I just love how Bree's face up turned out. I have been tempted to get a larger version of her, but then think why should I do that when I love this version so much.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Together Time

Haven't had my big versions of Jamie and Claire out for a while, and just felt like spending a bit of time with them today, so took them outside for some new photos.

They are much easier to manage together outside if I pose them laying down together on a blanket rather than standing them up. I can put her on a stand, as it doesn't show under her skirts, but I don't like to use a stand for him outside and I don't like to see the stands in my photos.

I know that is one reason I've been more drawn to the smaller versions as of late (at least for photographing)................much easier to manage when doing group shots.

There is something really special about these 2 though.

Friday, August 21, 2020

A New Waistcoat

 Mini Jamie got a package from Period Threads today containing 2 new waistcoats! Poor guy...........All I had for him was a black one. I thought it was about time he got a change of clothes (or waistcoats anyway).

I've loved the pattern of this silk fabric since I first saw pictures of it in Robyn's fabric stash. The pattern is pretty perfect in size for the smaller dolls, which is not an easy feat.

Next up on the clothing wishlist I think will be a pair of black fall front breeches. I'd love to get him a jacket too. This beautiful new waistcoat is certainly a wonderful addition to the wardrobe though!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

An Older Mr. Fraser

I asked Chewin to make a queued wig for my mini Jamie back in the spring. I wanted to give him an older look more reminiscent of season 5 in the show. Due to all the parcel travel issues it was a while before Chewin was even able to mail it out of Thailand, and then once he did mail it it took quite a while to catch a flight. After 2 months and a few days, my package finally arrived today!!

I have to say it was worth the wait! It really does give Jamie a much older look than his curly wig (based on his look from the first season, shown on him in previous blog installments)

In the photos taken in the shade, the color looks more brown.

But in this profile photo, taken in sun, you can see the rich auburn color........just gorgeous, and perfect! I couldn't be more pleased. Now I'm going to work on getting a few more clothing pieces for him.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Some blue for Bree

I got a new package in the mail from my friend Robyn. She made a few skirts and vests for Bree. LOVE this blue on her. It really makes her eyes pop.
Robyn tweaked the vest pattern too to give a bit nicer fit at the waist. It turned out really lovely!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sienna Red

I got this Iplehouse Sienna wig from a friend, and finally got around to trying it on Bree. 
Gotta say, its pretty perfect for her, for times when she has her hair down.